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AGRIGOCE is a leading importer and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables based in Morocco, 

Our subsidiary AGRIGOCE FRUIT SL, based in Spain and mainly in Barcelona, enables us to connect both markets with a wide range of fresh produce all year round.


Customer focus 

Your business is our vocation: we’re here to provide you with the offer best suited to your market. Whether you need top-of-the-range products for demanding customers, or more affordable options to cater to a wider market, we strive to provide you with competitive and flexible offers that fit your budget.


Our extensive network of suppliers around the world enables us to offer you a wide range of fresh produce, whatever the season.
We import fruit and vegetables from all four corners of the globe, year-round, so we can supply you with fruit against the season, whatever the variety, size or volume.


We understand that product quality is of paramount importance to you and your customers. That’s why we work directly with growers and cooperatives to bring you the freshest, tastiest fruits and vegetables.

Our Brands


Peramar is our own import brand of exquisite pears from Portugal to Morocco. We carefully select the fruit, and each Peramar pear is picked at optimum ripeness, allowing us to capture all the delicate flavor and texture that make our fruit an unforgettable taste experience.


Agrigoce, reflects our expertise in avocado cultivation, resulting in superior quality fruit that meets the highest standards in terms of taste, texture and freshness.

When you choose Agrigoce, you’re choosing exceptional avocados grown in fertile, sun-drenched Moroccan soil.

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